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The activity of the company Isaurosolos is mainly focused on three areas relating to building works

1st Pavements 

 Manufacture and construction of industrial, commercial or residential pavements and floorings, plain or moulded in concrete, with or without colour; 

 Pavement preparation by scattering gravel or other products, levelling and compacting using cylinders; 

 Works levelled using laser, and smoothed with vibrating blades and mechanical trowels (helicopters). 

 Application of surface hardeners and approved colours. 

 Several pavement moulds resembling cobble stones, stone, brick, etc.


 Epoxy resins

2nd Screeds 

Production and laying of all types of screeds 

 Screeds with lecas, or other products for filling surfaces; 
 Finishing screeds for any type of flooring; 
 Smoothed screeds


3rd Production and laying of cellular concrete

We have specific equipment for executing floorings or pavements
As a complement to these activities, it also has a vast

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