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Isaurosolos, Lda was founded on February 29, 2000 as a limited liability company with the registration number 504913778. 

Its share capital is 25,000.00€ (twenty five thousand euros), comprising a 20,000.00€ (twenty thousand-euro) share that belongs to Mr Joaquim Isauro Mascaranhas Guerreiro and a 5,000.00€ (five-thousand euro) share belonging to Ms. Ilídia Alcaria Guerreiro. 

It is registered at the Companies Registration Office of Faro with the no. 4126/20000301. It is certified by IMPOPPI with the Industrial Building Works Classification, under the no. 37144-CC, valid for the 1st category in classes 1, 5, 6, 10 and 15, as well as the 3rd category in classes 2, 3 and 4.

What we do

External decks:


  • Paths
  • Concrete preparing
  • Concrete
  • Industrial spaces
  • Commercial spaces
  • Sports centers
  • Tennis Courts
  • Athletics tracks
  • Soils in color



Indoor surfaces:


  • Sports centers
  • Storehouses
  • Factories 
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Building works machinery

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Isaurosolos-Pavimentos Industriais e Betonilhas Lda
(Santa Bárbara de Nexe)
Santa Bárbara de Nexe - Isaurosolos

Machinery rentals for Building Works

Rua Faro 16 Santa Bárbara de Nexe
8005-531 FARO
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